Abbey Road


Pj was on her way to a classmates house in St. John’s Wood so we decided to make a stop by Abbey Road Studios to pay our respects.  It’s always funny to come across these sort of iconic places.  They exist in the midst of normal life for Londoners.  The classic album cover is one of a million similar road crossings in London.  The front wall is covered with graffiti from people all over the world.  I thought that was one of the most interesting things about the place.


Every Good Boy Deserves Favour


Pj and I had a fantastic valentine’s day yesterday.  We spent the morning at Burrough Market enjoying some great bits and my weekly dose of expresso via flat white.  picked up a couple of quinoa vegan burgers, artisanal bread, and chocolate tart for dinner.  Walked down the southbank and dined at Giraffe with every other pram-owning citizen of London.  The afternoon we caught £5 standing tickets for Tom Stoppard’s (writer of Shakespeare in Love) excellent play for actors and orchestra “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour ” (think the notes on a treble cleff…although when i was young it was Every Good Boy Does Fine), which was a collaboration between said author and Andre Previn, a noted contemporary composer.  The play featured 6 main actors and an entire orchestra.  It was fantastic.  We also got two return tickets for the platform with Tom Stoppard after the play and pj got to ask him a question about his collaboration with the composer.  i was impressed….with pj that is.

Exit Strategy, or the 2009 Benedict Stimulus Package


It seems that mr. bush isn’t the only one pondering exit strategy’s in these early days of 2009.  When we arrived back in London after a luxurious couple of weeks in the states visiting friends and family we landed to find out that Pj’s full-time job had fallen through and that Oddbins has terminated most of their part-time contracts.  With our visa’s expiring in about 2 weeks time we needed to make some quick decisions about what in the world the benedict’s would do with their lives…besides planning trips to champagne and eastern europe.  we had just been mopped up in the growing recession of ’09.

So…we’re gonna do what any self-respecting suburban, middle-class, over-educated liberal arts person would do.  Move back in with our parents and splash it out as a time for some personal, creative retrospection.   

Bruce is going to record the next shorter catechism cd that the masses have begun hammering for.  That elusive “2nd” album.  I just hope that the public is forgiving.  It’s been almost three years since vol. 1 came out.

Pj is going to continue to develop both her butoh movements and phenomenological embodiment vocabulary.  

Across partisan lines, we are continuing to work on our 2009 stimulus package, which include’s large injections of cash from Visa and the state of virginia.   If the country is going a few more trillion in debt, than a couple thousand more in the student loan coffers can’t hurt too much. 

So…if anyone is traveling through Virginia in the next couple of months.  give us a ring.  we’ll be around.   Murking about vineyards in Mount Crawford and Cafe Caturra’s in Midlothian.

Leda and the Swan – featured at Secrets

The piece that Pj has conceived/co-directed is going up at the Southwark Playhouse as part of their “secret” series. Very exciting for the small group of actors.musicians.designers who have worked so hard on the show. 

click here for more:

Thank You Mr. President


Madame Tussauds had their President Obama and Oval office in full gear today as American’s had free admission for the day to take pictures with our new president.  It was loads of fun.  The kids are gonna love this!

Grieving the loss of my special face friend


Being back in the states, pj managed to enlist some parental support in favor of me shaving the beard.  Here I am, grumpy faced, mid shave. 

I miss my beard.  I want it back.  My face is so cold and lonely now. My lips are chapped and my chin is more exposed than a … 

a sitcom waiting for financial backers


I’ve been working on a sitcom in my spare time, and I thought i would post a pic or two.  here is a recent episode where we  are preparing for an arctic expedition to the EwePea (or upper peninsula as some call it).   Julie, as usual, is totally prepared with her favorite russian hat.  Betsy, is knitting some special extra-warm long underwear, and Hunter has been grooming his beard for days.  Now what we know (that they don’t) is that they haven’t ever actually left the house.  Every episode they just plan a big trip that never quite materializes…and this is driving Julie mental!