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i’ve been hearing a ton about this UK graffitti artist called Banksy.
took a picture of a little one of his today which shows a cat flinging
a mouse up into the air from a big spoon and then the mouse grows
wings. really great!


Gilded Mirror

Paul Baumgarten eat your heart out!

Posing Pj

Isn’t the likeness remarkable? So for some reason rooms full of bust’s are really weird! Probably too many bad scary movie’s where they open their eyes and follow you around the room.

Pj enjoying the beauty of the V&A

A view of the inner courtyard of the Victoria and Albert Museum

Bruce in front of the Royal College of Music

Pj made me stand here feeling foolish and submit to this picture just in case I decided to pursue a very high brow music education in which case I would thank her in 10 years for making me stand here.


Pj and I spent saturday in the V&A. Which is the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is considered the premeire contemporary design and cultural history museum of London and it is unbelieveable!! It contains everything from vintage Henry VIII to the current exhibition “Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947 – 1957.” This should definitely be a highlight of any trip to London.


We made a quick run through Harrod’s on saturday night because I had never been in it. It is quite an impressive department store on all levels. But my favorite part was the Krispy Kreme counter in the basement. HOT NOW!!