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National History Museum


One of the places on our list to visit before exit was the Natural History Museum.  Part of the original collections were specimens gathered during Darwin’s “Voyage of the Beagle.”  This place is a victorian mecca of taxidermied animals.  Make sure and check out the collection of about 300 hummingbirds in the bird section and ‘archie’ the giant squid.   This is the 200 year anniversary of Darwin’s birth and they have a wonderful exhibit on his life and ideas.


Rock Stars in Ann Arbor

The generations were brought together with a killer couple rounds of RockBand (Guitar Hero) while we were visiting the family in ann arbor last week. Pj on vocals, eric on guitar, Jim on bass, bruce on drums. My father discovered late in life that he excels on the bass. Cello lessons may have paid off as well!

Christmas Greetings All


All the glimmer and tinsel is upon us


i think that london sees almost as many tourists up to the christmas season as in the summer.  i totally understand though.  when the lights are lit up, and the mulled wine is flowing…it’s dickensian glam in full gale force. here’s a lovely bit of covent garden as I wandered through last week.

Our Visit to Cooperativa Agricola Valli Vnite

Our first day out of Valenza we visited this wonderful cooperative farm in the heart of the piedmont.  Their main export is wine, but the farm is fully biodynamic.  We tasted their wines (Barbera) right out of the barrels, fresh milk from the cows, freshly made cheese, and even helped to can some quince paste with Sophia from n. california who is working on the farm for a stint. It was idyllic – with vineyards draping the hillsides in their fall foilage and the smell of farm.  Here we are lunching in their patio with hops drying in the rafters.

Give Me Cookies!!

A compulsive shot, for a compulsive cookie muncher. YUM YUM YUM!!

Timon of Athens @ the Globe

Pj and I, with our new roommate Tristan headed to the globe to check out one of shakespeare’s later plays “Timon of Athens.” It was my first time at the globe and I was not disappointed.  Tix were only £5 – we were groundlings.  Which meant we got to stand for the whole thing, which was fantastic.  Like being in a moshpit for theatre.  Also interesting, was that the director and set designer created an ‘aviary’ for the piece.  To facilitate the characters in the play which acted as vultures upon the main character Timon.  It was supposedly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece “The Birds”.  It wasn’t pj’s favorite, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Live music as well which is always appreciated.