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Brix = 18

My dad, Pj and I took a walk about the vineyard this evening. He had us walk down the Cabernet Franc rows grabbing random grapes at intervals so he could measure the sugar content which in grape lingo is called the “Brix”. They look beautiful and should be picked in the next couple of weeks. Hopefuly I’ll add a picture below at some point. The weather and scenery is gourgeous in the valley right now.


On the Road…to Va

We’re on the road now. Leaving our house, our town, our state…all with a sense of finality. What a conflict of feelings and emotions. I’m really excited about the driving and the sense of travel purpose…all the while feeling my heart realing with the gravity of the move. John Beeler made a mix for us with one of my favorite songs, although i don’t think he knew it. i cried when it came on and starting thumping the steering wheel to the tune (Steve Earle – I Feel Alright). Also, lumpy crow has been a source of constant comfort. He will guard the truck tonight and says that he will also help with the driving. (???)
on the road…to Va

Front Porch Beauty and Parting Thoughts

This could be a long one. With thoughts of parting, sorrow, joy and excitement to come. Our wonderful community gathered about us on sunday night and packed our truck (it was big enough!!), fed us, and then threw a great party for us. We talked about everything we usually talk about with maybe a few more tears than usual. Kudos to the Beelers, the Ficks, and the Moving men for their graciousness and wonder-working! (p.s. – Lee Hinkle is a packing genius). I was stuck most of the night humming a tune that I’d written about pleasant street. ( earlier that day the song randomly came on and made PJ cry). The moment that got me was sitting on the steps talking to Kipp Normand about a Community Group he may start this fall (jason dorsey at work again!) on his street in SoBro. He says that he will call it the Odd Fellowship…which made me so happy and full of joy for the future. Then I was caught up in the laughter and play of the children running around tieing each other up in packing rope and dragging each other around. Thus overwhelmed, I excused myself to the kitchen, and preceded to sob uncontrollably. Other highlights of the eve were djarum’s(tonya), raspberry pie(bethany), and Marshall Borings special dance (ask pj).
Pleasant Street

they’ll visit us, they’ll visit us…not

So we were having dinner with some friends of ours a couple of weeks ago, Tyler and Laura Henderson. They have been so great to use these past couple of months passing down to us vital info about traveling and studying overseas…and luggage. One thing they prepared us for was the onslaught of friends and family who would tell you that they are going to come visit when you are abroad. Honestly, I’m pretty excited about it the prospects. Friends dropping into check up on me and carry me through a dark london winter promising to put me into a depressed doldrum. i think it stresses PJ out a little though. She is going to be really busy with school and studies and ‘moving’ about. The first couple weeks of january looks to be really fun with friends Keither Scherer and John and Tonya Beeler dropping in for a spot of tea.
they love us, they love us not

Trip on the High Seas

Travel by seas

 steamer/PJ and I had a wonderful time on friday night at Big Car Gallery in Fountain Square entertaining our friends with bits and pieces of artistic trivia from our time in Indianapolis.  We played songs from Emory Salem and Ebenezer and the Hymnasters and PJ read works from many different sources (including some original prose by Jim Walker and John Beeler).  We were joined by musicians Eric Evans, Bethany Hodge, Kipp Normand and Elyce Elder.  Wolfy opened up and played a cover of “sooner than later’.  I later covered one of their early songs “bel canto.”   It was also a real treat to feature movement by Katie Bacone and dramatic support from Christa Shoot! 

Here’s the lyrics to the last song we played called “Trip on the High Seas”
(to listen click here)

There’s a ticket that you left behind                  

You put it in a dresser drawer                          

A plan to take a trip on the high seas                

Your brother showed you photographs
The mimes in Paris made you laugh
You’d purchased all the travel books and maps 

You wore a ring he bought for you
A diamond bigger than your dreams
The hope of freedom from the solitude 

Oh, You lived the world of Europe then
And read the books of Henry James
You longed to walk in high society 

With Daisy Miller as your friend
You’d turn the heads of Parisian men
Doan yourself in the latest fashion trends 

The old world always wooed your heart
Across the great big sea apart
To ride a steamer never to return 

Now your ring is on her hand
It carries him within your plan
To cover all the oceans of the world 


searching for a place to live in another country is evidently a little difficult. We would freely admit to this except for the fact that we have never gone about it before. In thinking about finding housing attending grad school at a US school it would be a small blip on the anxiety radar. The ‘flat’ search is going very poorly at this point. In fact, yesterday morning Pj announces to me that she has applied for a brand new flat being finished up by the Universitiy of Lonon on gower street in Bloomsbury (which on the ‘expense’ scale is one of the coolest, hippest, and priciest parts of London. Since we haven’t found any luck elsewhere I gave it the thumbs up and went to fix my morning mate latte. here’s the detes on the Gower street flat for those of you up on your london exchange rate/real estate #’s.

Double Bedroom, kitchen/diner, bathroom//a week £264.00 a month £1,144.00
Gower Street Flat floor design

Permission granted

Wrigley Building in Downtown Chicago
Pj and I spent the day yesterday in Chicago acquiring the appropriate permission from the British Consulate to spent the year studying, living, and working in the UK.  We were given a special page in our passports called a ‘visa’, which somehow is nothing like the plastic card i have in my wallet.   We thought it was funny that the office is housed in the famous chewing-gum manufacturer William Wrigley building.