Bruce and Pj: Life in London

Welcome to our new Blog.

We invite you to join us on our journey. We’ll be sharing everything from ticket stubs to thoughts on american politics from the UK. The newest bands yet to cross the atlantic and our favorite local eateries. How stumped we are by the tube and the strange brands of toothpaste we buy. How Pj is doing in her classes and whether or not Bruce has found gainful employment. Join us for the frollick!
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One response to “Bruce and Pj: Life in London

  1. OK My Wonderful Son,
    Look at you all ready for London!! I am so impressed and proud. I am also thrilled to be coming to Indy next week for your final performance with the Hymnmasters.
    This site looks GREAT! Rock ON!
    Lots of love to P.J. & Bruce,