Every Good Boy Deserves Favour


Pj and I had a fantastic valentine’s day yesterday.  We spent the morning at Burrough Market enjoying some great bits and my weekly dose of expresso via flat white.  picked up a couple of quinoa vegan burgers, artisanal bread, and chocolate tart for dinner.  Walked down the southbank and dined at Giraffe with every other pram-owning citizen of London.  The afternoon we caught £5 standing tickets for Tom Stoppard’s (writer of Shakespeare in Love) excellent play for actors and orchestra “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour ” (think the notes on a treble cleff…although when i was young it was Every Good Boy Does Fine), which was a collaboration between said author and Andre Previn, a noted contemporary composer.  The play featured 6 main actors and an entire orchestra.  It was fantastic.  We also got two return tickets for the platform with Tom Stoppard after the play and pj got to ask him a question about his collaboration with the composer.  i was impressed….with pj that is.


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