The Great American Tour, Winter 08-09


Arrive at Dulles Airport, Washington DC

– drive to nearest mexican dive! 

Mount Crawford, Va

– drivers licenses anyone?

– chill out time at the vineyard estate. choice!

Richmond, Va

 – the down-size continues

– trudy looks forward to seeing sunshine in ’09

Ann Arbor, Mi

– visiting with Eric and Mandy.

– zingerman’s and Rock Band! and snow…

Indianapolis, IN

– London recap/New Years/ Hymnasters/Sunday/ Pleasant Street/Indy goodness.

– We have the best friends in the world.

Raleigh, NC

– the future is wide open, with a bit of a southern accent.

Miles Driven: 2,214



3 responses to “The Great American Tour, Winter 08-09

  1. A bit of Southern accent is good! You should try some shrimp and grits ;0)

  2. You went to Zingerman’s!!?? Deli heaven!!

  3. Pooh! I’m bummed that we crossed paths without meeting…Newmans were in Virginia while you all were in Indy. Of course:( So glad to hear that you both are doing well!!

    VA’s peanuts rock. Actually, I’ve become pretty darn fond of Virginia. God bless Williamsburg and fresh oysters and beautiful hiks in Newport News. I like the Benedicts, and I like your state! Hugs from the city…miss you both.

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