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Leda and the Swan – featured at Secrets

The piece that Pj has conceived/co-directed is going up at the Southwark Playhouse as part of their “secret” series. Very exciting for the small group of actors.musicians.designers who have worked so hard on the show. 

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Thank You Mr. President


Madame Tussauds had their President Obama and Oval office in full gear today as American’s had free admission for the day to take pictures with our new president.  It was loads of fun.  The kids are gonna love this!

Grieving the loss of my special face friend


Being back in the states, pj managed to enlist some parental support in favor of me shaving the beard.  Here I am, grumpy faced, mid shave. 

I miss my beard.  I want it back.  My face is so cold and lonely now. My lips are chapped and my chin is more exposed than a … 

a sitcom waiting for financial backers


I’ve been working on a sitcom in my spare time, and I thought i would post a pic or two.  here is a recent episode where we  are preparing for an arctic expedition to the EwePea (or upper peninsula as some call it).   Julie, as usual, is totally prepared with her favorite russian hat.  Betsy, is knitting some special extra-warm long underwear, and Hunter has been grooming his beard for days.  Now what we know (that they don’t) is that they haven’t ever actually left the house.  Every episode they just plan a big trip that never quite materializes…and this is driving Julie mental!

The New Extreme Sport

Extreme Vocalizing

My friend Elyce and I are perfecting our own extreme sport called ‘Extreme Home Vocalizing.” For a brief guide and some illustrated photos please feel free to email our official sponsor Dr. Bethany Hodge.

Variations on my Favorite Theme


Kipp and Kyle at the Red Key – bruce and kipp have beard off…or is that a drink off?


A rare siting of a woolly hatted Norman somewhere in the vicinity of fountain square.

New Years at the Hinkle’s


It’s good to know that some things don’t change.  

mix equal parts coke and crown royal = kyle ragsdale