CamdenTown Church Holiday Party

CamdenTown Church Party

We had the whole shiny host over last weekend for the 1st annual CamdenTown Church Christmas Party.  Plenty of Tim Dalton’s special mulled wine and freshly baked goods from resident mother-in-law Trudy Maske made for a festive night.  At some point even, we were introduced to the “Brilliantly Bendy Balloon Modelling Kit!”  This produced about 30 minutes of hysteria with an equal measure of balloon dogs and mild hyper-ventilation.  Also, evidently some people are naturally gifted at crafting flowers and monkeys from long balloons, while others must pay studious attention to directions only to pop their balloons at step 5, trying to master the “pinch and pop twist”.   In the end it was really about finding those 2 or 3 people that were so frustrated that the rest of could enjoy ourselves immensely on their account.  I drank mulled wine and pumpkin bread…and stayed a fair distance from all balloon related activities. 

*warning – the consumption of too much mulled wine may impair you in your ability to model balloons.  Model Balloons are only toys and should in no circumstance be confused with real animals.


One response to “CamdenTown Church Holiday Party

  1. Balloony!

    How long did it take before folks discovered how to make obscene balloon creations?

    Last time I attended a party with the balloon thingy it was about five seconds before balloon body parts were being modeled by the spirited guests. I’m sure the British have more decorum.

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