Monthly Archives: November 2008

The Tin Tins


We’ve been out catching some gigs from The Tin Tins recently. brendan, the songwriter, is a friend and lives up the street.  good stuff!


Fall Walkings


On a lovely fall day (read cold and dreary with an impending sense of rain) a bunch of us took a trip up to Hampstead Heath and wandered around for a bit.  I had never been and was really curious to see the view of london.  Eventually we made it to the characteristic old royal houses…which now freshly rehabbed features a gift store and room for tea.  perfect!!

All the glimmer and tinsel is upon us


i think that london sees almost as many tourists up to the christmas season as in the summer.  i totally understand though.  when the lights are lit up, and the mulled wine is flowing…it’s dickensian glam in full gale force. here’s a lovely bit of covent garden as I wandered through last week.

Blessed Table Tennis


ahhh, I just love playing ping pong.  While out catching a pint with Pete Harris (pastor) we swatted a few rounds at the Old Eagle pub.   There really wasn’t anywhere to set the glasses, so we let them remain in play.  Now THAT’S what I call ministry.

Portrait Gallery Cafe


Pj and I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday as we took in the National Gallery and stopped for a tea at the Portrait Gallery Cafe which has a wonderful view of Trafalgar Square and the London skyline.  We even saw some of the Firework’s displays which were going on in celebration of remembrance weekend (for WWI).  At the National Gallery we spent our time with the 19th-20th century impressionist collections.

Congratulations Mr. President!


It’s been almost a month since pj and I mailed in our absentee ballots for Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden.  It’s been a long wait and a long night!  We didn’t hear conclusive results until almost 4am.  We got a text message from a friend here, while PJ was pacing the room looking at CNN results!  When I looked at my iphone this morning there were already emails showing the news.  I had one email from The Luminiare, an indie-rock club in Kilburn, offering the new president and vice-president free tix until Dec 31, 2008!  At work today everyone will ask me what I think of the election and if I stayed up all night to watch.   It’s pretty exciting and historic stuff…in some ways we feel far off from it, but in some ways we have grown to realize and appreciate just how central the world views America in so many areas.  We are just a bit prouder to be americans this morning. And we will definitely be praying a lot for the new administration.