Salone del Gusto 2008

It’s difficult to describe the event that we wandered into with the henderson’s on friday.  It was a collection of farmers, bio-freaks, hippy gardeners, enotech’s, brewers, dairy dames, slow food aficionados, and foodies of all shapes and sizes.  We were 4 of over 100,000 folks gathering in Torino for Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2008.  I would recommend checking out the link to read more.  We tasted more types of cheese, olive oil, sweets, dairy, and meats than is healthy.  It was bliss.  Highlights include the brewery, juniper spirit from the italian alps, blossom tea, frequent stops for fresh gelato, goat milk cheese, sicilian liqueurs expertly mixed by pj (chocolate and pistachio) and much much more.  I’m enjoying some hazelnut nougat and a bit of organic espresso as I type.


One response to “Salone del Gusto 2008

  1. Glad you guys had a nice time there! (tis now officially freezing here!)

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