Thesis – check! Vegan Celebration – Check!

The Thesis is turned in!  She was even done early.  Only Pj.  If anyone would like to read through what she has spent the last year working on you can download a pdf from this link.  <read>

With pj done I had to figure out how to celebrate with my newly minted graduate.  So I searched about the great metropolis and found a new restaurant which features a fantastic range of vegan faire.  Shoreditch opened a new restaurant this year called “Saf”.   This place is vegan-eco-botantical-local-all natural yumminess.  We had botanical cocktails, a cheese plate made from pate nuts, an aubergine noodle pad thai, and chocolate grenache with raspberry sorbet…among other things. It was a soiree for the palate.  well enough of that.  now we are back into the mess of extending visa’s, sorting our absentee ballots, and wondering how pj can now earn a living with an MA in movement studies!  All suggestions welcome.


3 responses to “Thesis – check! Vegan Celebration – Check!

  1. How can I get a copy. I would love to read it.

  2. Awesome, PJ! So proud of you!! *big hugs*

  3. This is wonderful news! So proud of you both!

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