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Salone del Gusto 2008

It’s difficult to describe the event that we wandered into with the henderson’s on friday.  It was a collection of farmers, bio-freaks, hippy gardeners, enotech’s, brewers, dairy dames, slow food aficionados, and foodies of all shapes and sizes.  We were 4 of over 100,000 folks gathering in Torino for Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2008.  I would recommend checking out the link to read more.  We tasted more types of cheese, olive oil, sweets, dairy, and meats than is healthy.  It was bliss.  Highlights include the brewery, juniper spirit from the italian alps, blossom tea, frequent stops for fresh gelato, goat milk cheese, sicilian liqueurs expertly mixed by pj (chocolate and pistachio) and much much more.  I’m enjoying some hazelnut nougat and a bit of organic espresso as I type.


Vineyard #2 – Tenuta Migliavacca

On our 2nd day in Italy we got to visit another biodynamic vineyard, way up in a 17th century farmstead near San Giorgio Monferrato.  Francesco showed us around his family vineyards and sat us down to a proper tasting of his three most popular wines.  An aged version of his barbera, a fine rosatto from Gringnolino, and a slightly sparkling red from Freisa. The wines were all beautiful as we tasted with a large shard of parmesan and bread.  I am loving this trip!!

The Wine of Valli Vnite

While at the Cooperativa I got a chance to chat with the winemaker alessandro and taste some of the wines he has in progress from the 2008 vintage (What a treat!)  We walked through his cellar taking samples right out of the barrels in some cases.  He has mainly Barbera, but also some Dolcetto and a local variety Cortina. They are all totally biodynamic.  Some will be unfiltered and they try to avoid using sulphites whenever possible. Here’s a picture of the wines tyler and I walked out with.

Our Visit to Cooperativa Agricola Valli Vnite

Our first day out of Valenza we visited this wonderful cooperative farm in the heart of the piedmont.  Their main export is wine, but the farm is fully biodynamic.  We tasted their wines (Barbera) right out of the barrels, fresh milk from the cows, freshly made cheese, and even helped to can some quince paste with Sophia from n. california who is working on the farm for a stint. It was idyllic – with vineyards draping the hillsides in their fall foilage and the smell of farm.  Here we are lunching in their patio with hops drying in the rafters.

Holiday in Italy

PJ and i just got back from a little time in Italy.  Pj was travelin there for a few weeks with a friend from school whose from Italian.  They traveled down to Brindisi (on the heel of italy) where her father has a beach house. Then on to Rome. I met up with her outside of Turino with some friends from the states (Tyler and Laura Henderson).  Tyler and Laura were introducing us to the slow food movement and we spent a couple of days at the Salone del Gusto in Turin.   It was a great time of fellowship, wine, and getting to know italy a little bit.  Two things that definitively defined my time in italy was cappucino’s and wine.  These were enjoyed in equal doses…Here’s a funny image from the grocery store we visited the first night to stock up.

Give Me Cookies!!

A compulsive shot, for a compulsive cookie muncher. YUM YUM YUM!!

Digital Kaufmann goodness

we got a chance to catch up with our friend michael kaufmann on his whirlwind tour through london last week.  (great pub in tufnall park by the way.)  mike is around promoting a great new album by The Welcome Wagon which I’m very excited to hear!   But probably our favorite bit was seeing pictures of moses and atlas.  they both have grown tremendously and at some point moses got a big beautiful head of liz hair.  pj and I were amazed…we almost didn’t recognize him.  atlas was smiling and happy and beautiful as ever.  digital camera’s are sometimes great things.  and thanks for the gifts liz!!  ;