The Great Grape Harvest

I always get excited this time year, although it’s an excitement by association only.  Sometime in september (although only nature ever knows the exact moment) my father (recently bearded) gather’s the troups together and the vineyard gets pick.  It’s amazing to me….the countless hours my father and mother spend nurturing these vines.  Pruning, mulching, mowing, spraying.  Granted the view is beautiful.  It’s a lot of hard work that get’s harvested in a single day.  This year the crop was 4.5 tons of chardonnay.  It all gets picked into yellow lugs, boarded on a lorry and transported over to Barboursville Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia.   We just drank a bottle of the 2006 vintage and it was fantastic…an elegant old world style chardonnay.


3 responses to “The Great Grape Harvest

  1. Sounds great, I hope we get to try some of your dad’s wine one day..

  2. In America we call them trucks

  3. We hope that Bruce and PJ can help with the harvest someday.

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