Orange’s and Health Insurance

This was installed recently at our local bus stop.  I happened to grab one as it was being dispensed the other morning.  “Sweet, a free orange.”  The sign says, “Help Yourself” – Find out how eating more fruit could help lower the cost of health insurance.”  Now I haven’t visited the website to find out what is behind this.  Health insurance is free in this country, although if you are wealth off you probably pay for some private health insurance to have a higher quality of care.   And if you do…you probably don’t ride the bus…or stop long enough to read the sign.  But I was glad for the fruit.  I’ve been keeping my eyes out to see how many people I spot walking around with a random orange in their hand…so far only 1 other person besides the skinny tall american.  Now, i also wonder how many chemicals are needed to keep fruit fresh in the name of advertising (but I’m sure I’m missing the point).


One response to “Orange’s and Health Insurance

  1. It’s just slick advertising for private health insurance, which in the UK is not for the likes of us.

    People that would be inclined to take out private health insurance in the UK can probably afford to buy their own oranges! But I’m glad you bagged a freebie.

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