We heart Hot Chip

Our favorite new band is Hot Chip.  I’ve been listening to a few of their tracks and seeing their name flip across music blogs and the like but hadn’t had a chance to track them down live.  They played a small venue at the VFest and knocked our socks off.  Incredibly loud and full of energy.  it’s great to see a band when the audience is obviously soo excited about their freshness.  They are adorable geekgods.  I didn’t have a lighter or a glowstick so I quickly sketched this on my iphone and held it up during their glitch_ballad “Ready for the floor”.  check out their track “over and over” and their remix of amy winehouse’s “rehab.”


One response to “We heart Hot Chip

  1. I just checked out their MySpace page…they’re fantastic and I bet even better live.

    I saw that they’re coming to Chicago but alas, I’ve got a conflict BOTH nights they’re here.


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