Monthly Archives: August 2008

We heart Hot Chip

Our favorite new band is Hot Chip.  I’ve been listening to a few of their tracks and seeing their name flip across music blogs and the like but hadn’t had a chance to track them down live.  They played a small venue at the VFest and knocked our socks off.  Incredibly loud and full of energy.  it’s great to see a band when the audience is obviously soo excited about their freshness.  They are adorable geekgods.  I didn’t have a lighter or a glowstick so I quickly sketched this on my iphone and held it up during their glitch_ballad “Ready for the floor”.  check out their track “over and over” and their remix of amy winehouse’s “rehab.”


The Revenger’s Tragedy

Pj and I went to the national theatre on monday night to watch Thomas Middleton’s “The Revenger’s Tragedy” It was stellar.  an unbelievable modern adaption of shakespeare era smithy.  Thomas Middleton was a contemporary of shakespeare’s and wrote in the same era.  THomas Middleton grew up next to the Curtain Theatre in Shoreditch.   The production featured 2 DJ’s as well as a small string quartet, with featured contralto.   A very modern adaptation.  You can read more here…definitely worth seeing.

Moving on up…

So pj and I are in the process of looking around for a new place to live.  It’s pretty exciting.  Well actually, we haven’t done much looking…but we are providing emotional support for tim dalton who is looking for all of us.  We’re hoping to move in with Tim and Tristan.  Tim is on staff with Camden Town church and Tristan is a recent transplant to camden.  The coolest hope so far is a 4 bedroom flat on murray road in camden.  spacious and affordable!  with room for projection TV.  Jefferson’s – eat your heart out.

Virgin Music Fest

Through work i got a couple of free tickets to the Virgin Music Fest in North London last weekend.  Pj wasn’t at all excited about the possiblity of having to camp out overnight so we decided to do the train up to chelmsford for the two days.  It was really a blast…especially after I got over the continual beer showers.  (Evidently it is accepted crowed etiquette to throw the last remaining drops of your cheap beer into the crowd) Highlights were seeing Siouxsie, Lenny Kravitz, and Hot Chip.  We also saw bits of stereophonics, Muse, Lost Prophets, The Hoosiers, Kaiser Chiefs,  Duffy, and Amy Winehouse among others.  weather held out which was fantastic…and VIP access to the hospitality lounge.  Go Oddbins!!

The Great Absentee Balloteering of 2008


Pj and I have received and sent off our absentee ballot information from the american embassy here.  We have to fill out forms which we then mail to indiana.  Indiana then mails us back official ballots when they are ready which we then fill out and mail back to Indiana.  Sometime late 2009 they get around to counting these ballots.  So, even though our votes probably won’t count we’re really excited to participate in the presidential elections from afar this year.  America for spacious skies, those amber waves of adoring fans…

My Favorite London Obelisk

This is my view walking home most evenings after a hard day sloggin at Oddbins.  The light and clouds were having a good groove last night so I took a pic.  the light isn’t great, but the camera caught the idea of it.  This particular London Obelisk is the BT tower.  It’s my directional frame of reference while wandering around bits of soho, bloomsbury, and fitzrovia.

Lunch at Regents Park

After church last week a bunch of us gathered together to head to regent’s park for the afternoon.  We had a wonderful afternoon and eventually made it to the grandstand for some live jazz.  What an amazing park basically in our back yard.