Took the Plunge

I finally succumbed.  My friends said it was only a matter of time.  I’ve already made the worst of it and might as well complete the family.  In other words…I’m now the owner of a brand new iphone3G.  Now, i have to come clean.  I own a very expensive MacBook Pro that has been a headache maker from the start.  It was like I went from driving a clunky buick to sitting behind the wheel of a Formula One racer in one trip…and it’s been a stink of a learning curve.  

So I was very nervous to wield this new phone phenom in my hand.  but it has been incredibly responsive and I’m already certain that we are going to make the best of friends.   

I’ve already synced all of my contacts and emails, and just finished off an 82 in disc golf (free app!!!)

here’s the first picture I took with the camera.  a bit blurry…but that’s probably just the Mojito’s


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