Manimals and Hephalumps!

Last Saturday we visited the Spence family and all went to the Cochester Zoo together.  Pj is a Godmother to Nalini and we were all celebrating her 1st birthday!  Nalini and Cameron were so excited to see the Manimals and especially the hephalumps.  For some reason this kept reminding pj and I of “The Mighty Boosh” which is a comedic fantasy british tv show staged in a zooniverse.  

“Happy happy zoo zoo, for him and her and me and you!”


2 responses to “Manimals and Hephalumps!

  1. Those children are so tiny…I know this because PJ is tiny! What is behind you???

  2. I love this picture of P.J. and my grand babies.
    How beautiful they all are.
    Thank you Lord!

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