It’s Bursary Time!

The Service of Song

With a little bit of spare time between the wife and the wine, I’ve been continuing on some long standing research threads.  While in seminary I became really interested in a presbyterian pastor and liturgical historian charles baird and wrote my thesis on him.  One of his most significant books (Eutaxia, or the Presbyterian Liturgies) was published in London by an english congregationalist minister named Thomas Binney in 1857.  Thomas Binney was a prominent non-conformist pastor in London during the middle of the 19th century. The Evangelical Library on Chiltern Street near the Baker tube station was kind of enough to grant me a small bursary to carry on my research within their holdings.  It has been a rich time so far and I’ve learned a lot about Binney as both a pastor, and a writer on worship.  He has a fine little book called “The Service of Song” that is a gem if you can find it! 


One response to “It’s Bursary Time!

  1. Yeah.

    I had to look up what a “bursary” is. You and your high falutin’ English ways!

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