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One Nation Under CCTV

I finally remembered to take a picture of this great Banksy near the shop where I work.  Public art is incredibly popular here.  The outdoors are really valued in a different way in London. Partially, because of the weather and partially because everyone spends more time walking in London as part of their commuting and moving about.  Most recently, there has been buzz about making London more playful.  Some guerilla artists have started hijacking bus stops and turning them into playgrounds by installing swings!  it’s really good fun! link here.


It’s Thesis Time!!

Pj is finished with classes and performances.  She has settled in like a barnacle on a boat.  The books and papers are spread out and she’s set her mind to 15,000 words of phenomonological, practice based, experiential theatre speak.  Help us all!!

Took the Plunge

I finally succumbed.  My friends said it was only a matter of time.  I’ve already made the worst of it and might as well complete the family.  In other words…I’m now the owner of a brand new iphone3G.  Now, i have to come clean.  I own a very expensive MacBook Pro that has been a headache maker from the start.  It was like I went from driving a clunky buick to sitting behind the wheel of a Formula One racer in one trip…and it’s been a stink of a learning curve.  

So I was very nervous to wield this new phone phenom in my hand.  but it has been incredibly responsive and I’m already certain that we are going to make the best of friends.   

I’ve already synced all of my contacts and emails, and just finished off an 82 in disc golf (free app!!!)

here’s the first picture I took with the camera.  a bit blurry…but that’s probably just the Mojito’s

Double Rainbows

We were traveling enroute to share our last curry with the strains and when we stepped off the train we were greeted with a tremendous display.  beautiful sight and beautiful reminder.

Ode to Lost Trousers



We had the strains over for their last meal. american pancakes!

We had the strains over for their last meal. american pancakes!



They’ve done it.  They’ve packed all their bags, put their belongings in seaworthy containers, said their goodbyes… and left their youngest sons trousers in our small flat. DOH!  

Much to my surprise when I opened up an orange Sainsbury’s bag to find a slightly damp pair of trousers, fit for a 3 year old who had conquered the castle at the playground but not his bladder!! 

and of course some incredibly sandy socks, which sprinkled their granual love wherever they traversed.

The Strains were the first family to house us when we showed up in London.  They only knew us from a few emails and intergalactic phone conversations.  They treated us like royalty and helped us along in so many ways as we got used to life in the crazy metropolis.  Saturday evening curry’s will be long remembered and much commemorated! 

Strains…we send our love behind and before you.  May God bless you in your new abode…deep in the bosom of america.

Manimals and Hephalumps!

Last Saturday we visited the Spence family and all went to the Cochester Zoo together.  Pj is a Godmother to Nalini and we were all celebrating her 1st birthday!  Nalini and Cameron were so excited to see the Manimals and especially the hephalumps.  For some reason this kept reminding pj and I of “The Mighty Boosh” which is a comedic fantasy british tv show staged in a zooniverse.  

“Happy happy zoo zoo, for him and her and me and you!”

Camden Town Church

Pj and I have been helping out with a new church plant in Camden for almost three months now I realized. Peter and Angie Harris are leading the young group from their spacious living room right off the canal about a 5 minute walk from the Camden Town tube station.  Peter is english and Ang is a lapsed lutheran from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are planting a church within the auspices of the International Presbyterian Church, which was started by Francis Schaeffer sometime in the ethereal seventies. Camden Town Church is also supported by Redeemer New York and a group of PCA churches in the Atlanta area.  So far the group is quite small but we’re excited to see the core group grow through the summer.