Monthly Archives: June 2008

Les Jeudi’s (Centre Pompidou)

Pj at the Pompidou

Pj spent last weekend in Paris culminating a performance project she has been working on for the last two months.  She and another student in her course were invited to participate as “movement directors” for another MA program developing site-specific performance pieces staged all over the Pompidou Center in Paris. Pj was asked to perform in a piece as well entitled, “PER FORM” that commented on how seriously we take art galleries through the conceptual lens of pop art.  Basically, it was a site-specific parody of hip-hop choreography to a backstreet boys song – choreography was by a Greek dancer (the piece was almost canned because the Pompidou center thought it was too disrespectful).  The performances were a total success and was an amazing opportunity for Pj.  To read more about the collaboration between the Central School of Speech and Drama and the Centre Pompidou go here: