Sweet Indiana…in Paris?

Okay, this was the crème brûlée on our Paris trip.  I seriously stumbled over myself when I saw it.  I ran screaming like a nanny boy through the front door…but wait.  Tex-mex?  Mmm. this must be Kyle’s idea. I always knew he was running a little side business in paris.  Kyle Ragsdale – painter extraordinaire and international Restauranteur.  


2 responses to “Sweet Indiana…in Paris?

  1. I saw this too! (when i was lost near the Statue de la Republique or something…) But I didn’t go in, i was trying too hard to figure out where the heck I was.

  2. Ah ahlwaze new thayat Indianer wood b pop-u-lar in thuh city’of luv sumday!

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