Bethany descends from yonder skies

Our dear friend bethany hodge (left) flew over in a big jet plane to spend some time with us last week.  1st class no less.  She spent a good bit of time sleeping on our kitchen floor when it was dark, but made good use of the daylight to venture about London.  She walked till her feet hurt one day – all about the river thames – saw big ben, tate modern, st. pauls, london eye, etc.  it is amazing what you can see of London in one good day of walking.  bethany went with pj to paris and visited me at work.  she hung out with us at night (we took her to the pub one night to pretend that we were normal londoners).  She knitted for us and watched the Tudor’s with us (sorry bethany! it’s addicting…we know!)  One night she even baked us an apple pie.  We love bethany’s pies…it was divine.  I still have the wine bottle she used as the rolling pin.   When she was done here I took her to the airport and she flew back.  but had to spend the night in minneapolis because she missed her connecting flight.  uggg.


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