Becoming a connoisseur of Champagne, pt. 1

For most americans the typical champagne experience consists of either a) fizzy stuff we drink at weddings that’s probably not real champagne and is always pretty bad! b) or reminiscing about the famous saturday night live skit “The Continental” with Christopher Walken and “cham-pan-ya” 

Here’s a bit of the script I pulled from the web……………………………

But first, a glass of fine champagna. 

[ he walks over to a table to pour the champagna into two glasses ] You know, champagna is not champagna unless it comes from the province of Champagne. I learned that in Bartending School. [ bring their champagne to the settee ] Sit, please. [ hands his visitor her glass ] Forgive me if my hungry eyes feast on the banquet of your sumptious decolletage. [ champagne is thrown in his face ] The champagna you have thrown stings my eyes. You are a fiery vixen. You have a spirit.. like a frolicksome colt. [ glass is held before him ] Ah! I see you have changed your mind about the champagna. No one can long resist the lure of those delicate bubbles.. [ reaches for the bottle ] ..each whispering the same message of love. [ the champagne is again thrown in his face ] Thrown champagne in my face once, shame on you. [ adjusts his soaked fake moustache ] Throw champagna in my face twice, shame on me. 


I’ve been drinking a lot of champagne this year and just attended a master class this week on champagne.  I thought it would be fantastic to pass on a bit of what I’ve learned for those of you susceptible to the whispering messages of love in each fine bubble. 


One response to “Becoming a connoisseur of Champagne, pt. 1

  1. Champagna is soooo hoity-toity! Snobbery abounds…also drunkeness! I’m going to NYC tomorrow and then to NM/AZ. I’ll be gone for three weeks. I need the break from here. Things have been weird.

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