The Grand National

When I showed up for work on Saturday morning the first thing my colleague asked was who I was betting on today?  “Betting, Who, what?” I replied.  I then preceded to get a cultural education on English Horse racing and “The Grand National” which is a huge annual horse race that everyone bets on in England…even people staunchly opposed to gambling (“Oh, So they jump over hurdles. “No, their called fences.”)  So, after a few hours of reading the saturday paper I put £5 on #33 Comply-or-Die.  Later on in the day we skipped across the street to ‘The Slug and Lettuce’ to watch the race…and who finished first but good ol’ #33.  We jumped, high fived, and screemed like girls…and then preceded to the bookies to collect our winnings.  £30 each.  We split a bottle of bubbly to celebrate (Jantz – an excellent sparkling wine from Tasmania) and I took Pj out to dinner that evening with friends David and Ping Henningham.  Here is a link if you want to read more.



3 responses to “The Grand National

  1. Well Done Bruce. You know how to pick the ponies

  2. My, my, my.

    First, working at becoming an expert on evil “spirits”.

    Now, the demon of gambling!

    What’s next? Exploring new meanings to the word Coke? Opening a brothel are you?

    Here’s hoping that your brain is not so addled that you’ve forgotten the meaning of the word “facetious”.


  3. Congrats on the winnings! What an excellent horse name 🙂

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