Pj is on Holiday

Well, it’s been fairly quiet at casa de benedict the last week or two.  Pj is on a 5 week holiday break between terms and is busy writing, reading, and researching.  She’s becoming quite a little scholar giving me updates daily on her readings in authentic movement, dance theory, gender performance studies, and the like.  You can email her for more extended reports.  I’ve been busy studying for my intermediate WSET Qualification.  (Wine and Spirit Education Trust). This is part of a professional qualification in basic wine and spirit’s knowledge.  I’v been learning things such as the major wine regions of the world, the differences between production styles of whiskies, brandy’s and liqueurs, how to properly evaluate wine in tastings, and wine and food matching.  Next week I head down to oddbins HQ for a masterclass on Champagne’s. Life is tough. 


3 responses to “Pj is on Holiday

  1. Let me guess – lots of tasting involved?!

  2. Benedicts-
    The Kobes will be in London April 13-20. We would like to meet for coffee if you have time. Shoot us an email: kobea06@hotmail.com

  3. You Lush! Tee-hee…miss ya lots…

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