Chi Chi Bunichi


We went to see a devised work “Chi Chi Bunichi” in progress from one of Pj’s main tutor’s –  Ayse Tashkiran, who is turkish/cypriot.  The piece was performative – with monologue, dance, music, and movement all weaving together in mixed montage.  In their own words to “create live, contemporary narratives that take us on a journey from London to Famagusta, via Dhekeliya and Dalston. The piece took it’s main core inspiration from Ladino, which is a dying language surviving in song form – romansas and contigas.  This Judea-Hispanic language journeyed from Spain to the Ottoman Empire, to the Balkans and Morocco – a nomadic oral form that has survived for 500 years.   They put the piece on every 6 months or so as it develops and grows.  We saw it at “The people’s show” a small space in Bethnal Green, one of east london’s up and coming villages 


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