Dinner Party at The Engineer


Last night I went with Pj to a dinner party/birthday party for one of her course-mates.  Karin is an austrian dancer who founded a very successful dance company (Ricochet) in London for a number of years and is now taking a break while she completes the masters course at Central.  Karin is married to an Israeli businessman who is a gem.  We gathered upstairs in a lovely gastro-pub in Primose Hill complete with chandeliers and tulips.  It was sort of a ridiculous night as we conversed with people and artists from all over the place.  (After every course the fellows had to move down the table).  I talked with a young friend of the family who just completed his service for the Israeli military, a women who runs Leaders Quest that takes business people all over the world, a swedish photographer/video artist, and a Taiwanese dancer married to an Italian mathematician.  It was quite surreal and another reminder that the world condenses in London with intensity.  As well, I think that Obama went 8-8 out of the people I talked to.    


5 responses to “Dinner Party at The Engineer

  1. So you’re schmoozing with the Primrose Hill set now? ;0)

  2. And we get to schmooze with the schmoozers! Goody!! 😉

  3. I wish I was there with you guys! I miss London! Love you both!

  4. I just found the link for your blog!

    So do you talk about American or English politics more?

  5. C’mon! When do we get a post on the earthquake?

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