The Grammy’s were last night?

Shiny Toy Guns

The Grammy’s were last night.  We read about it on BBC news this morning.  Seems like Amy Winehouse did really well…which is funny because she is a daily part of everyone’s household here.  We read about her in the free tabloids every morning and every evening.  I don’t even know her music that well but I could tell you an awful lot about her life…rehab, different hair-do’s, husby in the slammer.  On an upbeat note, Feist got quite a few nominations as well as Shiny Toy Guns.  A few years back Emory Salem opened for them in Indy when they were touring this album.  I think it came out originally in 2005.  Pj made friends with the lead guitarist’s wife when they were both selling merch.  Ah, the glory days. 


One response to “The Grammy’s were last night?

  1. I vote for a blog post from PJ!

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