Who is Barack Obama and Hilary’s first tear

edwards family

One of the things I was really interested to blog about this year was the upcoming US election from the British media perspective and the soap opera drama certainly to insue…and no one has been disappointed.  But i have to say i was sad today when Jonathan Edwards dropped out of the running.  I have a great memory of seeing his speech for the 2004 election while spending time with my family up at Lake Chautauqua in New York state.  I like him.  He seems down to earth, to point and smiling doesn’t seem to come so easy.  It’s true what people say in that most folk here have a basic knowledge of the campaign.  I even had to explain to someone why Huckabee was in a commercial with Chuck Norris.  Most people although have little clue about the Republican candidates beside the random quip about the ‘mormon’ candidate and what do american’s think about mormons anyway?  They are curious to know if I’m going to vote for Obama or Hilary though!  (notice the assumption).  Although Obama probably.   


3 responses to “Who is Barack Obama and Hilary’s first tear

  1. It’s mainly due to the Barack Broadcasting Corporation and their obvious bias. If Guiliani had been the front runner for the Republicans then I’m certain that there would have been more even coverage in the press here.

    And I still don’t know who Chuck Norris is – should I?

  2. As I understand many Americans also do, I get my US political coverage from The Daily Show (on More4, and, I’ve recently discovered, entirely viewable on their website).

    I’d guess everyone realised the game was up when Barack made reference to the historic nature of the Democratic candidacy contest: a woman, a black man… and John.

    How did the US get from the place where Jimmy Carter was president to evangelical Christians apparently being entirely associated with the right wing?

    And does the fact that people here ask you which Democrat you’re voting for mean a) they don’t think you’re evangelical Christians, b) they don’t know you’re meant to be right wing, or c) their understanding of US Christian politics is more sophisticated than mine?

  3. Obama is the man!

    (Of course he’s the senator from my state so I may be a little biased!)

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