Melrose Abbey

One of the most beautiful and historical of the abbey’s we visited on our borders trip was Melrose Abbey. It is a Gothic-style abbey that was founded in 1136 by Cistercian monks, on the request of King David I of Scotland. Melrose abbey was famous on two accounts. One, the international success they had in the raising and trading of wool. The abbey coordinated the largest singular source of wool to the whole of europe during the middle ages. Two, there was a legend that the heart of Robert, the Bruce was sent with a friend to the Crusades which he longed to participate in but was never able. The friend was killed in battle while traveling through spain and the heart was supposedly brought back and buried in scotland. In 1996, a casket was found buried underneath the chapter house, which is supposed to be the heart of aforementioned king of scotland. Melrose Abbey has a fantastic audio guide tour.


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