Carol Service at Grace Hackney

Pj and I both participated in the carol service at Grace Hackney last weekend. We were excited to get to hang out and spend some time with the wonderful folk at Grace. I sang in the choir and pj read. The service was pretty uber traditional with readings and carols. It was really funny to sing words of carols to strange tunes. We did sing a fantastic carol from the sacred harp hymnbook to a tune called “Milford.”
The advert for the service was from a piece of graffitti near the church. Andrew, the vicar of Grace Hackney, used the graffitti as a launching point for his talk. After the service they served mince pies and mulled wine which was a copacetic to missing xmas eve at the bradham family soire.


One response to “Carol Service at Grace Hackney

  1. Hi, guys!

    Merry Christmas! We miss you and I’ve been thinking about you a lot the last couple of days. Hope you’re well. Tell Mama Maske hi…if I remember right, she was going to visit.

    Love you both,
    Trish & Neil

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