Dinner at the Henningham’s

(*NOTE: This is NOT a picture of David and Ping Henningham.  This is a picture of Wesley Willis and some random guy with a keyboard.  notice the callus on wesley’s forehead from his notorious need to head-butt) We had dinner with our new friends David and Ping Henningham last week. They live in the Dalston area of London (eastside). We traveled by foot, train and bus to their place. Ping dished up a lovely dinner of courses with carrot soup, homemade bread and pig in a blanket (veggie style), finished with some fresh backed lemon cupcakes. There are three amazing things about our evening that I’m behoved to mention. 1) At one point in the evening Ping put on a new CD and it was the lovely Liz Janes! 2) David and Ping saw Wesley Willis at the Barbican 3) David wrote his masters thesis on the Danielson family.We find all of these things just down right awesome. As well, the henningham’s run a family press. check it out here: http://www.henninghamfamilypress.co.uk


2 responses to “Dinner at the Henningham’s

  1. That is awsome. What a small world.

  2. this is a really funny picture!

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