Kings Cross/St. Pancras New Eurostar Terminal

Ladies and Gentleman, I took a stroll down the street one evening last week to snap some shots of the brand spanking new Eurostar Terminal at the Kings Cross/St. Pancras Station in London (London to Paris in under 2 hours). WOW!! The outside structure of the building is an italian gothic style 19th century hotel (which is now super suites) and then inside is a massive train hub called the Barlow Trainshed. This totally refabbed building also houses the longest champagne bar in europe. 70m…which is over 200 feeet long! Impressive!!


4 responses to “Kings Cross/St. Pancras New Eurostar Terminal

  1. Does anyone else always read “pancreas” instead of “pancras”??? St Pancreas. That would be great. This Pancras guy, it seems, was just some 14 yr old martyr in pre-Catholic Rome. The Pancreas, on the other hand, is still a powerful force to be reckon’d with.

  2. Hi,
    coincidentally I was there on Friday morning, taking photos for possible use in the magazine I work on. Sadly they’d put up the ‘Season’s Greetings’ banner on the framework around the clock in your picture, which meant that view was no good for possible use three months’ hence.

    Iain (LCPC)

  3. ps The hardest thing was getting photos without other people taking photos appearing in them…

  4. So if someone were looking for you all they’d have to do is stroll on down to the champagne bar…?

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