Lumpy Crow in mourning

Lumpy Crow, the unofficial mascot of the band Ebenezer and the Hymnasters was in mourning this weekend over the fact that we couldn’t play Tonic Ball in Indy (because of my extended overseas hiatus). He laid around the flat all weekend and was generally useless as a friend or guardbird. Eventually, he sluffed off his veil to fly around a bit last night (probably only to steal some of my port though). This morning he left us a note that said he would like to request some bombay sapphire and fresh tonic.


4 responses to “Lumpy Crow in mourning

  1. At least he has good taste in gin. It’d be tragic if he had requested Seagram’s and tonic.

  2. oh come on. any birdling of mine will surely be as sophisticated as he is fuzzy. it’s the way we roll.

  3. I love this BLOG!
    Thanks Bruce!

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