Greenwich Green

We spent last weekend in Greenwich and had a chance to run up the hill to the The Royal Greenwich Observatory (The Prime Meridian passes through the building. Greenwich Mean Time was at one time based on the time observations made at the Royal Greenwich Observatory). Off in the distance you can see Canary Wharf which is the banking district in downtown london in the center and off to the right the Millenium Dome. The Green below also houses one of the queen’s many ancestral homes.


3 responses to “Greenwich Green

  1. Please tell me you didn’t actually ‘run up’ the hill cuz I’ve been up it and it’s not the running-up kind… If so, I’m seriously impressed!!!! Just the thought tires me out. LOL

  2. Ok, so maybe it’s because I’m an airplane geek and have to think in Greenwich Mean Time half the time, but SO COOL…you were on both sides of the prime meridian! Ok, sorry…

    I hope you guys are as well as you look and sound! What great adventures! We love and miss you…sorry I haven’t emailed–I’m really bad about reading blogs but not responding!

    Ellie is good–walking and starting to talk, and her baby BROTHER (don’t think we’d told you it’s a boy) is due in 3 months. AGH!

    Love you guys!
    Trish, Neil, and Ellie

    PS–if you’re reading this, Hi Mama Maske! Miss you, too!

  3. P.J. & Bruce,
    What FUN! I get so excited for you just looking at this BLOG. What fun for all of us…your family! Thanks Bruce!

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