Family Strain!

I finally was able to catch up with Family Strain for a portrait. Joel and Euan keep these two so busy that getting them all in one place is a rare jewel. They were over to peak into our new studio after church on sunday so I grabbed a few clicks. I was instructed to say, “Sausages” to get the kids to smile….the vegetarian part of me wanted to scream out, “Now everyone say tofurkey”. This is the wonderful family that housed us for almost a month while we sorted out housing and work. David is also the pastor of LCPC and Sheena keeps us all straight!


3 responses to “Family Strain!

  1. And then they asked me to come and stay too – gotta love ‘m!! And am currently missing ‘m too! *sniff sniff*

  2. Great blogs. I love to keep up with you and see the faces and places you see.
    Nigel is proped up, not standing. Watch out though, it’s coming!

  3. Wonderful family photo, Bruce. Looking forward to my stay with the Strain family!

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