Our trip to Southall

We visited Southall last weekend to hang out with Chris, Josephine, Rahel, and Kaleb Hatch. They are friends supported by Redeemer-Indy working at New Life Masih Ghar, a young church reaching out to south Asians. It was a wondeful Sunday. We had good curry for lunch, went to church in the evening (the worship was about 70% in english, and %30 in Gujarati) and then shared fellowship with the community for dinner afterwards (more good curry…I am loving this!). You can read more about the Hatch’s here. (http://www.chrishatch.org/index.htm)


One response to “Our trip to Southall

  1. Hey! I’m pretty sure I met two people from that church. Jason and Amber Kidner are home on furlough (having just got married) and were in my small group at Sonship Week. Is the church affiliated with World Harvest Mission? I know that their church is in Southall and reaches out to the Asian community…

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