Monthly Archives: November 2007

Lumpy Crow in mourning

Lumpy Crow, the unofficial mascot of the band Ebenezer and the Hymnasters was in mourning this weekend over the fact that we couldn’t play Tonic Ball in Indy (because of my extended overseas hiatus). He laid around the flat all weekend and was generally useless as a friend or guardbird. Eventually, he sluffed off his veil to fly around a bit last night (probably only to steal some of my port though). This morning he left us a note that said he would like to request some bombay sapphire and fresh tonic.


Burrough Market

Pj and I went to Burrough market on saturday. This is one of the up and coming market’s in London and has become quite a tourist destination. You will find all of those things you would expect to find at an idyllic market. Huge round blocks of cheese, greek olives, fresh made sausages, warm kettles of pear and apple cider, teas, fresh vegetables, handmade pies and organic whatevers. For lunch we settled on an armenian toasted cheese sandwich filled with leeks, garlic and onions…amazing!!

Lord Mayor’s Show

A large group of us went to watch the Lord Mayor’s Parade last saturday along it’s route by the Thames. This is a historical event whereby the Lord Mayor travels from his housings up to the Royal Courts of Justice in Westminster where he swears an oath of allegiance to the Queen. One of the highlights of the parade is the gilded carriage he rides.
The Lord Mayor’s Show is one of the longest established and best known annual events in London which dates back to 1215!!

Fireworks after the Lord Mayor’s Parade

After the parade on saturday we all went and stood on Southwark Bridge to watch the fireworks. You can see the tower of the Tate Modern off to the left.

Supping with LCPC

London City Presbyterian Church celebrated the Lord’s Supper this past sunday. We all gathered together at the front of the church in benches that faced one another. It was a wonderful way to celebrate communion. Paul Levy, pastor of International Presbyterian Church in Ealing (suburb of London) preached the service. LCPC worships in an ancient anglican church downtown right up the street from St. Paul’s Cathedral. The church is near the site where Charles Wesley was converted.

Matt Hale Visits London

We are very excited to have the one and only Matt Hale visiting us this week in London. Via trains, planes and buses he made his way from Indianapolis, Indiana to London, England in fine style. Here matt and Pj dig into TimeOut magazine to suss out the choicest in entertainment options for his week.
…matt hale…bringin a little ‘rural’ to central london!

Family Strain!

I finally was able to catch up with Family Strain for a portrait. Joel and Euan keep these two so busy that getting them all in one place is a rare jewel. They were over to peak into our new studio after church on sunday so I grabbed a few clicks. I was instructed to say, “Sausages” to get the kids to smile….the vegetarian part of me wanted to scream out, “Now everyone say tofurkey”. This is the wonderful family that housed us for almost a month while we sorted out housing and work. David is also the pastor of LCPC and Sheena keeps us all straight!