Disherwasher anyone?

So…we’ve never had a dishwasher in our married life. Much less one we had to semi put together. Since there isn’t much in our apartment yet. The other night we spent the evening watching the dishwasher for entertainment.


6 responses to “Disherwasher anyone?

  1. Ah yes, one of the great delights on offer here in London – dishwasher-watching! I hear it’s all the rage!!! So very Soho…:p

  2. LOVE getting to catch up on my blog reading and LOVE looking at all the pictures of you guys and your life there!!! LOVE and MISS YOU BOTH TONS!!!!

  3. I’m so glad you purchased a dishwasher. I require it wherever I visit. I don’t do dishes in other countries. It’s just one of my many mantras! 🙂

  4. Woohoo! No more washing dishes by hand, PJ!

  5. I love your kitchen. You look wonderful, P.J.!!!
    I love YOU!

  6. Haha, YAY for dishwashers!

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