Grace Church Hackney/St. Leonard’s Church

Pj and I had a very enjoyable lunch with the Jones family yesterday. Andrew Jones is the pastor of Grace Church Hackney in the east side of London. It is a church plant about 3 years old. Andrew and his lovely wife Sarah spent some time in Philadelphia while andrew was at Westminster Sem. He is a huge fan and knows a ton about americana music…his CD collection definitely puts mine to shame. Here is a pic of worship from sunday at the start of the Lord’s Supper. The church building is fairly well known both from a nursery rhyme and as the “Actor’s Church” of London. Richard Burbage is buried in the church’s cemetary.


One response to “Grace Church Hackney/St. Leonard’s Church

  1. Hi, P.J. and Bruce,
    As we were worshipping at Redeemer yesterday, it occurred to me that just 1 week before we had been worshipping with you in London. Thank you so much for letting us hang out with you on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. It was wonderful to see you. Our time with you helped make London seem more personal and real, not just a big city. Have you made your decision about the place to live? We continue to pray for your decision and transition. Love, Karyl and Gary

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