i’ve been hearing a ton about this UK graffitti artist called Banksy.
took a picture of a little one of his today which shows a cat flinging
a mouse up into the air from a big spoon and then the mouse grows
wings. really great!


4 responses to “Banksy

  1. Enjoyed hanging out at your site- now April and I are talking about whether or not a London trip might be possible next year…
    Enjoyed the graffitti, too!

  2. learning alot from you. Thanks for passing it on.
    Who is Richard Burbage? Should I know of him? Please help me with this.

  3. Awesome art! Thanks for the link. I love graffitti artists 🙂

  4. Mmm, I lurve it! I think they have better graffitti in the UK than they do in America…

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