The owl and the pussycat

After church tonight at Grace Hackney I was treated to a proper local pub “the Owl and the Pussycat”. The name may refer to an Edward Lear poem by the same title (you should look it up…it’s good). Murray treated me to a good ESB and Janice asked if it was cold enough! It’s funny. So I had some cask ale’s in the US and they tend to be a fair bit warmer than a typical cask ale here. I’d say almost 20 people from church came around. John Stark, the music director gave me a bit of schooling on Rugby. Everyone is excited because England beat Australia in the world cup which is HUGE! Continuing on my theme of “it’s a small, small world” I met Edith who is on staff at L’Abri England about an hour south of London. She has a Masters in Theol. Studies from Covenant Sem. in St. Louis. I also heard a little bit about how some artists are moving to Berlin b/c of the movement there and more affordable lifestyle. In the midst of that conversation someone mentioned the Berlinprojekt. I think Christian, one of their pastors, has been to Redeemer and Elisabeth N. visited them this summer. Can’t wait to visit there sometime. I remember kyle saying it was fantatic.
owl and the pussycat


2 responses to “The owl and the pussycat

  1. Have an ale for me next time. I love British and Irish pubs. So glad you are taking in all the local color!

  2. Hurray for small world connections! I almost spent a few months at the England L’Abri and DID meet Christian and the Berlinprojekt crew this summer. I’m so glad to hear/see/read that you and PJ are having such a lovely time. You deserve every minute of the adventure!


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