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Matt and Elyce!!! What the???


Underneath the Mask lies…

Our friend Matt Hale is underneath the black leather and candy corns. He is coming to visit us next week. scratch that…he WAS coming to visit before this little ditty of a picture got posted! Now Count Candycornula is coming to visit! Halloween Candy beware!!!

Hoosier Luau anyone??

For some reason this picture is really tramatizing me. I can’t figure out if it’s the lei on wolfy or how happy bethany looks? mmmm.

Kipp and Elyce

This is two of Bruce and Pj’s dearest friends. This is how they normally dress. Evidently they were at a party but no one told them it was Halloween…or they would have really dressed up.

Largest Human Horseshoe!

Hello Everyone,
i’d like you to meet Ray Mills. He is the Largest Human Horseshoe you have ever met. Or he is the personafication of the Indianapolis Colts. You pick. Football anyone? Go Arsenal!

Disherwasher anyone?

So…we’ve never had a dishwasher in our married life. Much less one we had to semi put together. Since there isn’t much in our apartment yet. The other night we spent the evening watching the dishwasher for entertainment.

Crunchie extravaganza!

Last week at the Strains we made homemade Crunchie! I get a suger rush from even thinking about it. We learned how to from watching a british cooking show. This stuff is so good! The key ingredient is Kyle’s Golden Syrup!