Sex Trafficking installation in Trafalgar Square

DSC_0019.JPG, originally uploaded by pjandbruce.

Friday we had lunch at Trafalgar square on the steps in front of the National Gallery. This is one of Pj’s favorite square’s because of the beautiful view of St Martin-in-the-Fields church. Right now the entire church is covered in scaffolding from head to foot. Someone told us that we should invest in a scaffolding company in London. They were right…you would make a fortune. This picture is of a huge installation right now about the journey of women from eastern europe to london enslaved in the sex trafficking trade. It is quite a shoking piece in contast to the typical london eye fare. I was struck by it because my friend Matt Hale has taught me to look at graffitti art differently. Here is a link to read more.


2 responses to “Sex Trafficking installation in Trafalgar Square

  1. Wow! The colors on that wall are wonderful. I miss european graffiti art.

  2. I had no idea I was a teacher! Loving the posts!

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