oh Westminster

DSC_0017.JPG, originally uploaded by pjandbruce.

I have thought a lot about this building the past 6 or 7 years. It is the front of the Westminster abbey whose pictures show up on on all things related to the presbyterian standards. The Cardiphonia website is based on the floor plan of this beautiful church. I would have loved to gone inside but it cost 10 pounds. so…pj and i passed. But here’s a cloudy day picture for you.


6 responses to “oh Westminster

  1. Great pics, keep them up! Was at Green Lake (Crosspoint) this week and Michael talked about Westminster Abbey, picture was perfect timing

  2. It’s definitely worth the 10 pounds! (And this is coming from a cheap Dutchie…:p)

  3. Go to Evensong – it’s free and lovely.

  4. What beauty and history. Soak it up!
    Miss you guys!

  5. Save up for it. (Go back at the beginning of the month) 🙂

  6. My family has a great story about Michael setting off the alarm there. I guess he opened a door he wasn’t supposed to…

    And I agree, it is worth the 10 pounds!

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