My Brightest Diamond @ The Luminaire

IMG_0662.JPG, originally uploaded by pjandbruce.

On Monday night this week we got to see My Brightest Diamond in concert at the Luminaire which is a small little club in Kilburn (north central burrough of london). This is a sweet place to see music. In fact on the walls it said, “if you have come here with your mates to talk you’re in the wrong place and we will ask you to leave or shut up.” Something like that. you get the drift. Anyway, MBD rocked the house. We had such a good time and want to publically thank mike k and john b for getting us tix. Here is a sweet pick. “Freak out”!!


3 responses to “My Brightest Diamond @ The Luminaire

  1. finding out how awesome London is? I watched a PBS special about England last night and was enthralled, because I could see you there. Have you connected with Mike’s parents yet?

  2. Hey Bruce and PJ!!! I love seeing the pics and hearing what you are doing. Thanks for sharing your England experience with us. Laura is lusting over every entry. 🙂

  3. Ooo, I’m so jealous!

    Oh, and put in more British speak! I lurve it! Do you speak British yet?

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