London Bridges falling up

DSC_0024.JPG, originally uploaded by pjandbruce.

We spent all day thursday going about being dedicated tourists. I brought the big camera we took along waterbottles and wore sensible shoes. Highlights of the day were seeing the Globe Theatre, the Madison House (where we will hopefully live next year), and walking along the southbank (Tate Modern, etc). It was totally cold and drizzly all day. But it’s all part of the london charm. You never realized how nice it was to dodge into a little cafe around 4:30 or 5 for a tea or coffee. We had a lovely little repsite in an italian run place in bloomsbury today. so nice!


3 responses to “London Bridges falling up

  1. Um…isn’t that Tower Bridge?


  2. Cool Picture!

  3. Bruce,
    The BLOG looks GREAT…what a good job! The pictures are wonderful and I am a bucket of tears of joy just looking at them. I am so proud of you! But you already know that.
    God is so good! And I am thrilled beyond words.
    Hug & kiss each other for me. Today was P.J’s first full day of classes and I have been so excited for her. Thanks Bruce for being the love and support she needs!
    I love you,

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