nestled in with suits and glass and cobblestone

I spent the day yesterday at two church buildings nestled into the heart of downtown London. Both of these churches would seem idylic in an english countryside yet they stand amidst the finance capital of europe. The first church is St. Botolphs-without-aldersgate which is where London City presbyterian worships and has their offices. (The site of St.Botolph’s has had a church on it for 1000 years and the current building is 300-400 yrs old. Nearby is the site of the where Charles Wesley was converted). It is a typically beautiful and old anglican church. The second church was St. Helens, Bishopsgate. This church is evidently fairly well known in the city for it’s evangelical status. I went there with David Strain to a pastor’s group. A group of about 9 ministers meet on a regular basis to listen to each other’s sermons and provide prayer and encouragment. It was a privilege to be there.


3 responses to “nestled in with suits and glass and cobblestone

  1. That sounds awesome! Please tell Mr. Strain his sermons have been a blessing way over here in Indianapolis. I love the internet!

  2. Hey guys,
    Missing you already. Starting a new book for community group. So where are you staying? Any theater yet? Keep us updated.

  3. WOW! That’s wonderful, Bruce. I am so thankful to the Strain family for all they are doing for you & P.J.!

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